"When you accepted the invitation to study at Holy Cross, you accepted an invitation to live your life differently than had you enrolled in any other school in this country."

Mark Shriver

Double the size of the College’s endowment through a combination of philanthropy and investment management.

A black and white historical image showing a young woman looking away from the camera while  standing in front of a Holy Cross sign.

Develop philanthropic capacity and maximize sustainable annual and longer-term philanthropic achievement.

Four flag bearers wearing graduation gowns in the back of a line of students carry colorful flags that flutter in the wind towards the camera.

Collaborate strategically with the Board of Trustees, the Institutional Advancement Committee and other volunteer leaders to strengthen the College’s culture of philanthropy and grow alumni engagement.

A cross bearer walks down the aisle of a crowded St. Joseph Memorial Chapel while the choir sings in the background.
Charge the next Vice President for Advancement with structuring and leading the Advancement team to maximize strategic relationship-building.
Two male students walk down a path on campus with the Hogan Campus Center visible in the background.

In collaboration with the Vice Provost and Associate Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, position Alumni Relations to embrace, best engage and sustain relationships with the full diversity of Holy Cross constituencies.

Holy Cross Athletic Director Kit Hughes takes a selfie with a large group of student athletes.

Ensure that a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy aligns key messaging and coordinates communications to aid in instilling a culture of philanthropy and inspiring unprecedented levels of support.

"I'm innately an optimist, and certainly an optimist about the future of Holy Cross."

Helen W. Boucher ’86, Chair, Holy Cross Board of Trustees